Sunday, July 27, 2008

Family Pictures

Here are some family pictures taken on July 19, 2008. It was quite the experience! The whole time we were trying to take pictures, Emma would not cooperate. She was trying to run away the whole time. Finally we gave up and settled with what we had. As soon as we were sitting down with the lady to pick out our pictures, Emma goes in the photography room, sits down right in the center where we tried to get her to for the longest time, looks up at the camera and says, "Cheese." What a character!!

A Brand New Home!!

I can't believe it's been almost six months since I have last updated our blog. So much has happened and many changes have taken place. The biggest change for us has been moving to Maricopa and purchasing our first HOME!! We absolutely love it and have had fun fixing it up and adding our own special touches to it. Jesse and I came out here one day with a realtor to look at some homes. Surprisingly, ALL of the homes we looked at were foreclosures. It is so sad. The first home we looked at scared us because it wasn't in very good condition and the realtor said this was actually pretty good condition for a foreclosure. We were afraid all of them were going to be like that. Anyway, as we went from house to house, they kept getting better and better, thankfully. The very last home we looked at was not on our list. Our realtor just picked it out thinking we might like it. The home ended up being right behind Malin and Sarah's home! Out of all places. We immediately fell in love with the home, and the fact that it was SO close to family made it all the better. A few days later we put a bid on the home and a month later we moved in. Our home has 3 bedrooms/3 full bathrooms and a den. It has a pretty good size backyard for Emma and Elias to run around and play. I was so excited about that. With lots of help from family, we were able to paint practically every room and move in. We want to thank all of you that helped! Many hands make light work. Our digital camera has been broken for a while so we don't have many pictures of the home yet, but will be adding them shortly.
As for the kids, it's hard to believe Elias will be 6months old on Tuesday the 29th and Emma will be 2 in September. They are so cute and I am so grateful for the opportunity I get to stay home with them to watch them grow. Emma is definitely a girl. She tries on everyones shoes and loves to dress up. But I think her favorite "outfit" is her swim suit. She cries when we take it off and we have to hide it from her so she won't want to wear it. Emma talks all of the time, but as for understanding what she is saying, that's a different story. She is speaking a complete different language.haha

Elias is our little chunk! Oh he is so cute and juicy. I can just sink into his cheeks.haha He had colic the first 4 months, but has been so much better ever since we have moved. He now sleeps through the nights(woohoo) and takes 1 to 2 hour naps. His smile just melts us.

Jesse and I have been busy continually fixing up our home, painting, pulling weeds, decorating. It seems like our projects are endless but we are grateful for them because it means we have a home (if that makes since). I feel it also brings us closer together as a family. Jesse continues to work hard and go to school full time. Emma loves when her daddy comes home and I definitely love it. Every once in a while Jesse will get off work early and surprise us when he walks in the door. We love those days and he loves to see our surprised faces when he walks in! We have been so blessed as Jesse has a good job with good managers and people to work with. It also helps that Jesse is able to carpool with Malin and another guy in our ward into work. It saves on gas as we now live 30 min. from his work. Well, this has gone on long enough. Life is good!

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