Thursday, September 13, 2007

Labor Day Weekend & Babysitting in Ajo

For Labor Day Weekend, we really didn't want to go anywhere because I was in charge of teaching the Young Women's lesson on Sunday and we didn't want to deal with traffic. We started the weekend going to my cousin Parker's football game out in Fountain Hills. We met up with Nelson & Kelsey, my dad & Jacob, Uncle Wick & later.........much later, Dayna & Glen. It was so fun to go to a High School football game again. It's always nice when you know someone on the team too. Chino Valley did such a good job, they kicked Fountain Hills trash.haha After the game we didn't want to say goodbye to the family yet, so we went to Wendy's for a late night snack. Then Saturday, we had cheap tickets to the ASU football game. It had been a long time since I had been to an ASU game & that was Jesse's first time. It was so much fun, especially since ASU won. Sunday is always a great day. We just love our ward! It was nice to finally get my lesson over with. I only have to teach the lesson 3 times a year in front of all the young women but I stress out so much over it. I have to start planning a month in advance or I just don't feel like I am prepared. Jesse is always so good and patient to help me out. I love his insights & thoughts. Anyway, it went well & I don't have to worry about it for another 3 months.haha OK, so Sunday night we had Janna, Jesse's sister & her husband Adam over for dinner. Afterwards, we played games and tried to plan out what we wanted to do for Labor Day, after talking a while, we came up with the BRILLIANT idea to go to Rocky Point. So we headed down to Ajo, spent the night and early the next morning we went to Rocky Point. It was definitely hot & muggy down there but the water was perfect! we had so much fun playing, shopping & getting our hair braided. We finally started heading out around 3:30 hoping to get back to Ajo to have a BBQ and swim some more. When we got to Sanoyta, about 2 miles from the border, we hit traffic. To make a long, boring story short, it took us 5 hours to finally get to the border & head on our way. We finally made it back to Ajo by 10:30p.m. What a day!! We decided never to do that again. We made it home safe & that's all that matters.

Wednesday, we had an etiquette dinner for the young men/young women. The leaders got to sit in on the meal while other members of the ward served us. It was really set up very nice, with cloth napkins, goblets, etc. It was fun for Jesse & I to get dressed up to attend. This was a great activity for the youth & leaders but definitely a lot of work.

Thursday morning, I headed down to Ajo to go be with Julianne & Jacob. I was so excited when I got there that as soon as I got out of the car I accidentally locked the keys & Emma in there.aaaahhh!! I quickly rushed in to get Julianne. She grabbed a wire hanger for me & we tried to unlock the car for about 5 min. By this time, Emma started crying. I started panicking but then said a prayer to myself. While Julianne ran in to go call Kord Kleinfelter, who owns a NAPA store in Ajo, I began playing peek-a-boo with Emma to calm her down. She even began laughing. She is such a good baby. Kord came over about 5 min. later & quickly got the car unlocked. He was so nice about everything. We were definitely grateful to him.

The rest of the week was lots of fun as we played sardines, laser tag, climbed a little mountain, etc. Bishop Moore was also so nice to let Jesse & Jacob borrow their 4-wheeler on Saturday. We love going to Ajo! It is always a nice relaxing getaway! The only downfall of the week was hearing of Sunny Butterfield's passing away. It was very sudden & took us all by surprise, even though she's been sick for quite some time. I was able to stay a couple extra days to see my parents & attend the funeral which was very nice. All-in-all, life is great!

Sorry, this entry might be a little long and boring.

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