Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Is The Exciting News?

IT'S A BOY!! Emma will have a little brother on or around January 31st. We are so excited........especially daddy. Jesse is so thrilled and can't wait until his little boy comes into the world. The only thing he's probably not excited about is that I will start shopping for little boy stuff! It's just too much fun!haha Well, back to the baby, we went this morning and they said everything looks perfect. The lady said the baby was very photogenic!!haha It is always so amazing to me how they can see so much detail when the baby's only about .5lb.
We don't really have anything else new and excited to tell about......except that Emma just broke in her 8th tooth. So until something new happens, that's all folks.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Our Blog Site is Finally Here

Jesse has been getting on me for some time to create a blog or write a family letter or something, so I finally decided to take his advice and do something about it. All I need sometimes is a little push.haha Jesse is such a wonderful example and help to me, especially when it comes to accomplishing things I'm unfamiliar with (If that makes any sense).

Life is GREAT! I'm slowly starting to gain more energy as I have now completed my first 3 months of pregnancy. I am currently 4 months along and am thoroughly enjoying this time of pregnancy as real food sounds good to me again, and not just cold cereal. Uh oh, here come the pounds!haha We are so excited to find out the baby's gender in 1 1/2 weeks. Will Emma have a little brother or sister to pal around with?

Speaking of Emma, she is just the joy of our life right now! She just keeps us laughing with every move she makes. Emma is so photogenic and just loves to smile! Of course, we also like to see her cry once in a while to see that side of Janae come out of her. She is crawling around everywhere and carries her little monkey everywhere she goes. It is so cute! Emma is learning new tricks all the time. She can do peek-a-boo, kisses, SO BIG, and clap..........and don't let me forget her fake cry. We love her so much.

Jesse works so hard at University of Phoenix, putting in many long days, so we are grateful for the little lunch breaks and other times he gets to come home and be with his family. He is such a good daddy to Emma and I love watching him play with her.

I am just loving being a mom! I try to keep myself busy, teaching piano and magnifying my calling. I love working with the Young Women in our ward. We have such a good group of girls and I enjoy getting to know them more and more. It is also fun going to the Leon's and teaching piano, especially now that Dayna watches Emma for me. Now that Dayna has started back up with school, we trade off watching each other's kids. What a deal! Emma loves when Kade comes over and I love it too, as he keeps her occupied and I can get other things done.

Well, life's great and so are all of you!

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