Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here are a few more pictures of the kids. I forgot to add them earlier. I believe they were taken around Labor Day weekend.
Elias and Emma are proudly wearing their "I love my soldier, My Uncle" shirts that Grandpa Wilcock got them. They love their Uncle Jason and we are so grateful and proud of him for serving our country.
I love the bright colors
Emma looks so grown up in this picture

I Can't believe Emma could actually sleep like this


Carol Ann said...

Emma looks zonked out all passed out on that mattress. I bet you were meanie and woke her woke putting her back on the bed, huh? Poor Little Emma. Here she is trying to invent a new way of sleeping that would probably benifit mankind, and you are stopping her just because you're worried about a little blood rushing to her head. j/k Love you Esther!

Peck Family said...

i don't think you realize how wonderful it was to get on yur blog and have christmas music playing. that a girl! your kids are so adorable. and your house is beautiful. glad to see you guys doing so well. love you

Scott and Candice Moore said...

LOL..I totally envey kids..they can sleep anywhere and in any position too. Just the other day Jarett was eating his lunch..when I came in the room to check on him he was hanging half way out of his highchair sucking on a apple and sound asleep. :)

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