Thursday, November 20, 2008

October and November

These pictures were taken at the AZ state fair!
John Wayne exhibit

Elias is having Fun!

This is such a funny face!

A day at the zoo!

The kids and I just returned home this morning from a fun trip down to Ajo for 4 days with Colleen and her girls. I am on a month break from school right now so we thought we would take advantage of this opportunity to go play and have fun. We had so much fun planning for Christmas and putting up the decorations, visiting, eating, watching movies, reading books and just relaxing!! It was also fun to go running with Julianne a few times. I need to do that more often. Emma loved being with her cousins and brothers even though she didn't act like it towards the end. She is starting her terrible two's and I think my mom and Julianne are scared for us to come back for Christmas!haha It will definitely be crazy for Christmas but we are so excited!! Thanks mom for a great week!

When we walked in the door. There was a bag full of gifts from Dad Wilcock who just returned home from China after being there for 2 weeks. Jesse's dad along with several others were invited to go there to help improve China's water system. What an honor and privelage to be picked. Dad was so nice to bring back some very beautiful gifts for the kids and us. He brought the most beautiful little dress for Emma, and of course she had to put it on right away. I had to take pictures to show. She looks so cute!! Thank you dad!

The following pictures were taken these these past two months.
Jacob and Nicki petting the sting rays while Emma and Kade enjoy watching!
Bath Time!
Aubrey, Emma, Malin and Savannah are playing under the stairs

Emma and Malin are buds!


Nelson & Kelsey Lewis said...

Great pics Esther! did you guys send out the christmas details that you guys planned? We're excited to be in Ajo with everyone! :-)

Justin and Roxanna said...

The pics are SO cute!!! I love your kids and we had so much fun when we were over in AZ. I hope we get to see you guys again soon!

Carol Ann said...

You did a great job picking Jesse as the father to your babies! I don't think I've ever seen cuter babies in my entire life!
(And for anyone else who is reading this, and I've said that about their babies, I'm sorry. But have you looked at Esther's kids? There's no competing with that!)

Anonymous said...

Esther! Emma is so dang cute in that gorgeous dress, not to mention...she's so grown up :)

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