Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I think it's about time I updated our blog, don't you think? I feel like there is just way too much to catch up on and the pictures are the best part so I will just add a bunch of those in and you can just come up with your own stories for each one.haha

We are so excited to introduce our little LaRynn Wilcock!! She was born on October 27th at 12:47a.m. weighing 6lbs. 10oz. and 19in. long. LaRynn has brought so much joy into our family. Emma just loves holding her and giving her soft kisses. I was nervous to see what Elias's reaction would be as he has been the baby of the family and more clingy than Emma was but he has actually done quite well. The first couple days at home were a little rough as Elias was into EVERYTHING! I felt like I was just cleaning up one mess after another (my mom can testify to that). But he has actually calmed down quite a bit, thankfully, and he and Emma have been playing so good together.
I have to thank everyone who has helped us with bringing in this new baby. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!! Thank you, thank you Janna & Dayna for watching the kids for us while we were at the hospital. You guys are always so willing to pitch in whenever. It was also so nice to come home from the hospital to a hot meal from the Stokers and then to have meals brought from members in the ward the next couple of days! Then a huge thank you to my MOM and Jacob for spending 4 days with me helping with the shopping, kids, cleaning, meals, and making DELICIOUS pumpkin rolls!! You are the best and I love you so much!! Thank you, Thank you EVERYONE!
Emma running the bases in her tiny tots sports class
Up at Sunrise Ski lift Oct. 09
Princess Emma on her 3rd Birthday!
Utah vacation in July
Elias, Brooklyn, and Emma
Emma & Elias love being at the cabin on Mt. Graham!
All dressed for Sunday on Mt. Graham
Fishing at Riggs Lake
Our free helicopter ride in Sedona for our 4yr anniversary!!
Grandpa Wilcock with his 3 grandkids
Emma loves dressing up and playing "married" as she calls it.
Cousin Shadean with Emma riding horses at Grdpa. Smiths
Uncle Joseph & Emma getting ready to brand cows Memorial weekend.
Elias was so scared being in the boat by himself
Family picture Easter Sunday


The Lewis's said...

yea for updates! congratulations on the new little girl

Scott and Candice Moore said...

Ester! Congrats on your new little girl! She is sooo beautiful! I love her name too! AWWWW, I just want to squeze her!

Adam and Janna Ellsworth said...

Finally! CUTE pictures. I love baby LaRynne, I'm so glad the kidos are doing well with her, they are all so sweet. Emma looks so much like jenn in one of those pictures. Can't wait to see you this weekend:)

Felton Family said...

Yeah, Finally!!!! I couldn't wait to see pictures. Mom said you are doing sooooo well and that you went to super Saturday. You go Sista:) Love it! Keep up the updates, (when you have time of course:) Love ya.

Carol Ann said...

I loved the picture you guys text everyone where LaRynne is smiling. Where did you come up with the name, LaRynne? That's so unique! I love it! You looked so beautiful in all the pictures. And you have the most beautiful babies! I'm so stoked that you "finally" updated your blog. ;) I love ya girl!

Peck Family said...

esther she is beautiful. so proud of you!!!!! so much fun seeing you guys a few weeks ago!

Deb said...

Congratulations!! What a sweet baby girl!

Virginia Callister said...

Ester, Congratulations on the baby. I thought she was due in September though...miscalculation I guess! We had our #3 on Sep 21st. It's a boy though. 3 kids has been a little overwhelming to me but we are surely adjusting. Your baby is beautiful just like your other two kiddos. Take care. I will think of you when I'm awake in the middle of the night feeding my baby, knowing that at least there is someone else I know who might be awake at that hour doing the same exact thing I'm doing!

Rusten,Danae & Munchkins said...

Congrats on your new little girl! Hope all is well! Happy Thanksgiving

mandy said...

hey neighbors!!! i just found your blog through Sharla williams-(nelson) now blog! CRAZY! i had no idea you even had one of these things:)

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